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Parish Administration In-service at the Haven

11 May, 2022

Parish secretaries and managers from around the Diocese came together at the The Haven, Emu Park from 3rd to 5th May for a Parish Administration Inservice. A range of topics were covered over the course of the Inservice, including sacramental preparation, catechesis, canon law matters, and clergy life & ministry.

Mr Dean Smith, Director of Diocesan Services, who organised the Inservice, said that it was a wonderful opportunity for parish personnel to have some time away from the busyness of their offices to undergo professional development. “Parish personnel are often thrown in the deep end when they take up their roles. This kind of event aims to provide much-needed information, training and formation”, Mr Smith said. But perhaps even more important is the networking that happens when people come together. “The connections made at the Inservice are an important avenue of support,” he added.

A number of those who presented at the Inservice were themselves parish volunteers, employees or priests. Mr Smith said “We are fortunate to have some exceptionally passionate, knowledgeable and experienced people supporting our parishes.”

Attendees enjoyed a dinner together on the first evening of the Inservice where Dr Maree Ganley, who is currently writing a book on the history of the Rockhampton Diocese, was the guest speaker. The following morning, Bishop Michael celebrated Mass with those present.