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News from the Diocesan Social Justice Group

20 May, 2024
Winning High School Entry by Tahni Ivey of Emmaus College (detail).

 (ACBC) Annual Social Justice Statement

Every year the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) creates and shares a social justice statement on an issue of relevance to the Australian Catholic community.  In 2023 the topic was Listen Learn Love – A New Engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.  This then becomes the focus for what is known as our annual Social Justice Sunday.

In 2023 our Diocesan Social Justice Group were keen to really promote the release of the annual statement; to draw attention to this social justice topic; and inspire deeper thought and reflection on social justice and this topic in particular.  In order to do this the Social Justice Group, for the first time, offered a Creative Response Competition.  This was an opportunity for all school aged young people; and all parish and community members to create something, using any creative medium, in response to the Social Justice Statement: Listen, Learn, Love.

We were absolutely delighted to receive over 90 entries to this inaugural competition;  from students from six schools across the diocese; as well as a couple of adult entries.  Our delight was mostly about the fact that these 90 odd students and adults had taken the time to review the annual Social Justice Statement; to consider its content and to create something that meaningfully spoke to them about that content.  We awarded three first prizes; and given the number of entries; we also awarded some highly commended certificates.  The winners were:

Sarah Eggmolesse – winner of our open section
Tahni Ivey, Emmaus high school student winner
A group winning entry from Madi, Audra and Sabella, primary school students from St Benedict’s at Yeppoon
And highly commended students were:   Jarla Young, TCC student; Ryan Toole, Marist College Emerald; Riley Samson, St Josephs, North Mackay.

We offer many thanks to all participants in this competition and to the staff of those schools who encouraged their students to participate.  And don’t forget to keep an eye out for this year’s annual social justice statement.