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News from the Central West Parishes

15 November, 2022
Family and friends gathered at St John the Evangelist Church, Alpha for the baptism of Avery.

Spring is in the air and Fr Shaiju and Fr Terry have been busy celebrating baptisms in towns large and small.  In 5 weeks they have celebrated more baptisms in the West than during the previous 9 months!

Bishop Michael breaks open the Word at St Patrick’s Church, Blackall


Bishop Michael visited the Central West in late October for the 125 year celebrations of St Joseph’s Primary School, Barcaldine and for parish visits to Longreach and Blackall.  The parishioners in Blackall hosted a lovely dinner after Mass, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy some social time together.




During October Fr Shaiju received the sad news of the illness and subsequent death of one of his beloved sister.  Thankfully he was able to return to India for her funeral and spend a couple of weeks with his family.  Fr Terry Loth generously changed his own plans at the last minute and has been ministering to us during Fr Shaiju’s absence.