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News from the Cathedral Parish

12 May, 2022
Theresa Harvey, was presented with a Papal blessing for her 100th birthday at Mass on Saturday evening by Fr Matthias.

Theresa Agnes Harvey – 100 Years Young

Born in Rockhampton in 1922, Theresa was the sixth eldest child of nine in an Irish Catholic family.  Times were hard.  Her eldest brother died at 14 months with the Spanish Flu and her father lost his work during the Depression, but family and faith were all important.  Leaving school at 13, Theresa began employment to help the family finances.

Although always attending Mass, Theresa believes her Catholic faith really came alive with Vatican Two, when the language at Mass changed from Latin to English. She discovered a richness she hadn’t appreciated before.  Joining St Louise Conference of St Vincent de Paul Society in 1973 and discussing scripture (which had not been encouraged pre-Vatican Two) opened up a rich treasure for her.  Previously reading scripture was considered only the domain of clergy or religious and not for laity.  She enjoyed her work with St Vincent de Paul as it allowed her to witness to her faith in very concrete terms.  Although currently not able to attend Mass as often as she would like, Theresa still prays the daily Mass Scripture Readings at home.

She knew the heartache of being separated from her husband from August 1942 until January 1946 while he was serving with the Australian Army in New Guinea, Borneo, and Balikpapan, but she also knew the blessing of sharing 62 years of married life with her beloved Arthur, until his death in 2005.

As a mother to four children, ten grandchildren and currently, 14 great-grandchildren, Theresa has always tried to pass on the faith she holds dear.  Receiving the honour of a Papal Blessing on the occasion of her 100th birthday has capped off a life well lived.  May God continue to bless you, Theresa as you enter joyfully into the next adventurous chapter of your life.