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News from the Capricorn Coast

30 December, 2023
Celebration at Marie and Tony Weekers.

A few photos from the last month and details:-

Lighting of the first candle in our Advent wreath, has us pondering Jesus’s words to “Be on guard, stay awake, because you never know when the time will come”.

A lovely BBQ evening at the presbytery was held to celebrate the gift of those who care for our church and ministry groups in our Parish. Especially for Joan Ellaway and Nita Humphries, who have retired from their ministry roles, and for Hazel Massey who wasn’t able to be with us on the night.  Thank you to all who share and give so much to our Parish Community.

A big thank you to Alroy and John, for designing and making our new and very serviceable, notice board at Mary Immaculate church.

A gathering was held at the home of Marie and Tony Weekers at CARV, to celebrate the sacrament of anointing and Holy Communion. Afternoon tea and lots of conversations was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Marie for the lovely smoko.

Thanks again to our Safeguarding Team for their input and update on keeping our Parish Community safe. Lorna, Jan and Barb, gave an excellent update to all at each of the Masses over last weekend.

Now that our schools have finished, Tuesday morning Mass at Mary Immaculate, followed by coffee and cake sessions, have been received well by all.

Our deepest sympathy to Sr Kym and her dear family, on the loss of  Kym’s brother in law Richard and nephew Tom. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all. May they Rest in Peace.

Our last ‘Meet in the Middle’ had a Christmas theme of course, and parishioners from Yeppoon and Emu Park braved the very windy conditions to have a chat and a laugh or two. See you in February 2024.

And finally, lots of babies were baptised during the month of November. How wonderful and welcome to God’s family!!

The Capricorn Coast Parish would like to wish everyone a very Joyous Christmas Season and a Blessed and safe New Year.   “GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST”.