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News from Mackay

19 June, 2023

This month saw the culmination of our young people’s preparation in the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation. During his pastoral visit to North Mackay and Farleigh Bishop Michael confirmed around 68 young people reminding them and all present about the importance of developing and using the gifts that have been granted to us through the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.

The final week of May was one of great celebrations. On Wednesday morning, St Joseph’s Church was filled with superb singing as the students, staff, and parents of Emmanuel Catholic Primary School marked 40 years since its foundation. To mark the occasion the director of Catholic Education, Miss Lessa Jeffcoat, generously granted an extra 30 minutes of play time to the students. This was extended further by Fr Stephen who thought 40 minutes extra play for 40 years was a fitting way to mark the festivities.

The celebrations continued on Friday at Holy Spirit College with the celebration of their feast day. As Fr Stephen’s time is drawing to a close in Mackay, the college took the opportunity to present Fr Stephen with a beautiful cope hand made by members of the Holy Spirit community.

Men’s Dinner

Our Men’s dinner group met on Monday 29th May at the Boomerang Hotel. Our new President/Chairman is Peter Sheedy who welcomed everyone including the guest speaker Brian Rutland. The retiring President Kevin McEvoy, will be missed, he was in that position for 10 years and carried out his duties diligently and with laughter. Frank said Grace and we prayed the Patron’s Prayer. Dinner was then served.

Reflection from Rex:

“God is still on the Throne”. Psalm 11:3 asks, ‘When the foundations for good collapse, what can good people do?’ The answer in verse 4 is: ‘The Lord sits on His throne in heaven.’ When sickness comes, a marriage fails, your children suffer or when death strikes, what are you to do? Remember that God is still on the throne and watching over you. No detail escapes His notice or care. His plan may be difficult to understand especially when we’re going through hard times but looking back we realise His goodness and mercy have followed us every day of our lives. Psalm 23:6 is true, comforting, and powerful!

Joseph landed in prison, Moses spent 40 years in the desert and Daniel ended up in exile. These were dismal moments that lasted years so who could have known Joseph would become Prime Minister of Egypt, Moses would lead Israel out of slavery through that desert, or Daniel became a counsellor to several kings. Our God works like that and He will do the same for you. We can trust Him! His grace will get you through any adversity. When you cry, ‘God where are You?’ He answers, ‘ Wherever you go, I will watch over you… I won’t leave you, I will do all I have promised.’ That’s our God, our King, know He is always on His throne, ever trustworthy.”

Guest Speaker

The guest speaker Brian Rutland was introduced to the members as a ‘Quiet Achiever’. Brian is the Owner/Manager of PM Lubrication based at Paget. And at St John’s church each Saturday before Mass, Brian quietly carries out his role as one of our Sacristans and fills in for other roles when required.

Brian commented on the Reflection as it linked to his talk and Romans 8:16-17; “The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are God’s children and if children then heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, seeing that we suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him.”

Yes, there will be suffering in this life but glory also. Brian then told us a bit about himself: born the youngest to Jim and Mary, he had four sisters growing up at Mt Blackwood Rutlands. He went to the Leap State school then onto St Mary’s and from 1971 Abergowrie College west of Ingham QLD. Vowing to hate boarding school, Abergowrie became the best years of his schooling, finishing with him being the school captain; “God is ALWAYS in our lives.”

L to R Frank Doolan Guest Spkr Brian Rutland and Peter Sheedy, our new President

After boarding school it was back to the family home to work with cattle and cane and rock bottom cane prices. Later Brian moved to a property outside of Emerald. During his time there he encountered droughts, floods, and cyclones. It was a failed outcome in Emerald. During this time the family suffered with personnel challenges.  After leaving the property at Emerald, Brian caught up with relatives who were involved with ministries, and the teachings, revolutionized Brian’s view of life and God, changing his life.  He experienced his belief in the Holy Spirit, describing it as a beautiful sensation filling him from head to toe.

Brian has become the owner of PM Lubrication, (Preventative Maintenance), which began in 1982 as PM Lubricants. PM developed superior-quality lubricants for machinery that outperformed Mobil 1 in race cars. Their gear oil was the Australian benchmark, particularly for agricultural machinery. The original business faulted, closing in 2020 but Brian knew, “God has a purpose for me!” Through the Holy Spirit’s leading, prophetic dreams, and his eldest sister’s support, he persisted and began PM Lubrication based on the original formulations.

Knowing new engines need new oils, Brian set about developing superior formulas to extend machinery life and be cost-effective. Today, in conjunction with Filter Technology Qld, PM Lubrication’s lubricants are the very best quality, producing cost-effective outcomes.

Brian said that through suffering, God has provided support to keep the business afloat and, amazingly, production has quintupled because of demand. God is forever faithful, He gives generously and calls us into a surrendered relationship. Brian encouraged us in our journey with God to read our Bible, and meditate on John 6:63, Habakkuk 2:4, and Romans 10:3. Embrace Jesus’ divine exchange and be born again -‘ the inside job’ while practicing religion ‘ the outside job’. Submitting to Jesus makes the future bright and life’s journey with the Lord wonderful.

Kevin thanked Brian for his courage in talking about personal and business difficulties. He presented our gift and we agreed with applause.

Our next dinner is on Monday, June 26th, at the Boomerang Hotel, Nebo Rd. The guest speaker is Fr Gasper, Southern Cluster Mackay. Men come and enjoy the night. Visitors to Mackay are welcome.”