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News from Gladstone

16 November, 2023
All Souls Mass at Port Curtis Cemetery

On the two weekends of the  15th and 22nd October, volunteers of Star of the Sea Parish showed their love for the Religious and the parish. The Presbytery fence needed painting and many volunteers showed up with a paintbrush and a smile! It was amazing to see Faith in Action! Someone said Charity begins at home and truly our church is our real home! Star of the Sea Parishioners are truly a family!

While one seemed to lying down on the job, another gave advice while others just kept working away.

One weekend, families gathered at Star of the Sea Church for a memorable Family Fun Day. The day began with a touching Mass at 8am, uniting everyone in prayer. Following the Mass, parents, kids, and even Fathers Andrew and Ashwin enthusiastically joined in a spirited game of football. Volunteers worked tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring the day was filled with laughter and cherished moments. It was a day of joy, togetherness, and community spirit, creating lasting memories for all who attended.