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News from Gladstone

18 September, 2023

Mary’s Mantle 46-day prayer retreat with consecration to Our Lady.

On Saturday 9th September, 26 ladies from Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish Gladstone concluded a 46-day prayer retreat with consecration to Our Lady.

For 46 days, these ladies prayed a daily Rosary for each other and their parish, meditated upon a virtue or gift of the Holy Spirit, and took turns fasting to add power to their prayers. They followed a spiritual journey called Mary’s Mantle Consecration which gave them daily reflections and guided them with weekly videos on topics such as the power of fasting and why virtue is more difficult than vice.

To conclude their prayer retreat, women of the Star of the Sea Parish were invited to attend a Consecration event, celebrated the day after the feast day of the Nativity of Our Lady. We met for Benediction, Adoration and Reconciliation. Once all had received Reconciliation, we consecrated ourselves to Our Lady through a special prayer. It was a blessing to have others in the church join us for this. The group then celebrated with morning tea and conversation in the parish hall.

The Mary’s Mantle Consecration Retreat is a powerful way to improve self-discipline through daily prayer and fasting, grow in virtue and love for one another, learn more about the faith, and see results from prayer requests.

Hayley Lanzon

Photos from our Feast Day Celebrations