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News from Gladstone

19 June, 2023

Voices of the parishioners from St Agnes Church

Celebrating mass with the parishioners of St Agnes church about 90 mins drive from Gladstone. The Gladstone priests visit once a month. The parishioners take turns to bring the Word to the attendees. A wonderful feeling of family and community felt by all.

Laura – As Women of Worth group we try to outreach our regional church as they may not have a lot of contact with the Star of the Sea Parish. To let them know that we think about them.

Johvi – Fantastic. The people are very approachable, hospitable. We don’t know much about each other but when we meet on Sundays it’s like family.

Helen- was the first person in the church. I met her as she was cleaning the chairs. She was a shy person and didn’t want to say much but from church cleaner to Reader to handling the tape recorder- she was it. Actions speak louder in her way of life.

Edith – I love the little community here. Whether we have a priest or not I love coming here. I volunteer and have been on the roster for a while.

Peter – I like the atmosphere of the place. I wish there were more people coming to church but other than that I love it here.