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News from Emerald

09 March, 2022
Fr Truc celebrating Eucharist with the Willows Community

After farewelling Fr Yon, the Central Highlands now welcomed Fr Francois SVD.  We asked him to introduce himself and he offered us the following:


Who is Fr Francois?

My full name is Andrianihantana Francois D’Assise.I am from Madagascar. I have four brothers and three sisters, and I am the sixth born. My Mother is still alive, but my Father is no more.

Music and sports are part of my hobbies. I also like singing and playing some musical instruments. I enjoy playing basketball, soccer and volleyball.

My desire to become a Priest started in my late childhood. I had been longing, not only to become a Priest but a good Missionary Priest who can work humbly and effectively with people of different nationalities. I realise that the differences between two cultures or two nationalities are no longer stumbling blocks for people to relate, but become a source of wealth and attraction. How wonderful it is to see different faces live together in one community or in one parish. This beauty has attracted me to join the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD).

I joined the SVDs in Madagascar where I completed my four years of philosophical studies, (2010 – 2014). Then, I was sent to Ghana where I did my novitiate. After my first profession of vows, on the 4th July, 2016, I was sent to Australia to continue my formation training. I arrived in Melbourne on the 5th November, 2016. I spent six month studying English for academic purposes and then, I started pursuing my theological studies at Yarra Theological Union (YTU) in Melbourne. I came to the end of my theological studies in June 2021. I professed my perpetual vows in Melbourne on the 13th March 2021, ordained Deacon on the 14th of March 2021 and ordained Priest on the 27th November, 2021.

As a newly ordained priest, I am appointed to work in the Parishes of Emerald (Anakie), Springsure, Blackwater, Woorabinda, Duringa and Dingo. I am grateful to be ministering under the experience and guidance of Fr Truc and I give my heartfelt thanks to Fr Yon for leaving a wonderful platform of ministry for me to follow. Like you too, I also keep Fr Yon in my prayers for a safe and faith filled journey as he commences study in Rome.

I have heard that the people in the Highlands are known as warm, welcoming, friendly and faithful. Now, I come to confirm what I have heard … that you are warm, welcoming and friendly people. Thank you, I deeply appreciate all this. I am delighted to work, pray, worship and celebrate life and do God’s mission with all of you. May the Holy Triune God help us to do so.

Fr Francois SVD

Welcome Fr Francois – it is a delight to have you.

Fr Truc with a member of the Springsure community.
Fr Truc cutting his birthday cake with a helping hand from Racheal.