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News from Emerald

10 August, 2022

Emerald Celebrates

St Patrick’s Parish celebrated its multicultural diversity on Sunday, 31st of July with a wonderful Multicultural Mass. The theme, “From Every Nation, Culture and Language”. Frs Truc, Yon and Francois were joined by a packed church of parishioners to celebrate our coming together as one. A bonus to the celebrations was Fr Francois joining the choir on the drums.

Children led the entry procession with flags from all the countries represented in our parish, which were displayed inside a red heart of love at the altar. The Church was awash with colour as many Parishioners dressed in their traditional, cultural dress.

Fr Yon sung the Penitential Act in Indonesian. The Readings were read in Filipino, English and Tongan. The Tongan community processed the Lectionary in during the Gospel Acclamation (Enthrallment) to Fr Yon. Their procession was a very reverent and powerful message. Prayers of the Faithful were read in Indian (Peace), Vietnamese (Harmony), Indonesian (Youth and Social Justice) and Māori (Worship). The concluding Hymn “We are Australian” set the scene for a shared ‘Long Brunch’ on the church lawn. The brunch was a feast of food from many countries, with the highlight being a whole pig on the spit from our Tongan families.

Much joy was had by everyone who stayed to dine on cultural food, the Priests cut the cake, while cultural dancing and singing entertained everyone.

St Patrick’s Parish Team.