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News from Clermont

13 December, 2021

Against all odds and with prayer on our side, it was decided to go ahead with the Christmas Fair. The result was that it was a resounding success. The person behind the organization, Miss Stephanie March, did a wonderful job bringing it all together, with the help of the parishioners of St Mary’s and the teachers and staff from St Joseph’s School.

The last of the Masses to the properties for 2021 was celebrated at the property of Sarah and Brad Mifsud on Monday 15th November. People from around the district and those from in town were able to attend.  The setting for the Mass was idyllic, beautiful scenery which could quite easily distract! After the celebration of the Eucharist, we all shared a Christmas meal together hosted by Sarah.

The Masses to the properties will continue in 2022.

On 24th November the choir of St Joseph’s School was at last able to sing for the lovely residents of Montcler. After the usual signing in, temperatures taken, and a “visitor” sticker placed on the children, they were led to where they were to perform. Mrs. Hannah Charles conducted the choir which sang a medley of Christmas Carols.

We are hoping to continue this throughout 2022.

Sister Helen Archer rsj