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Mackay News

14 September, 2022

Another interesting and enjoyable night was the August Men’s dinner. Chairman Kevin welcomed 25 people including our guest speaker Josey Comerford, a partner at Hugh Reilly Real Estate, Mackay.

The Reflection by Rex. “Sitting or Serving?”

The world honours wealth, power, talent, and fame while disregarding service. Jesus does the opposite. He greatly values SERVICE. He is our Servant King. He died to self so that we might live. As Christians, we are God’s children but also His servants on earth. In the upper room, the disciples looked for a place to sit while Jesus used it as a place to serve – He washed their feet! How would that make you feel? God is most interested in the numbers you are serving, not the numbers serving you. He honours those who serve selflessly because that takes great courage and builds character. So the question is; are you sitting more than serving these days? Perhaps it’s time to ask God for a selfless spirit and a servant’s heart. Jesus lived to serve and His Word is “follow Me.”

Josey Comerford Address

In Josey, we had another great guest speaker. Josey was our speaker 10 years ago and was able to compare data from 2012 to 2022.  It was very interesting, to see properties increase in value many times. Josey also spoke about the shortage of accommodation in Mackay – if a rental becomes available there are numerous people after it. With the sale of housing and other accommodation, there is a high demand for purchase, with the influx of buyers migrating from southern states and a general increase in population in the Mackay region. Sellers of property don’t wait too long before it is sold.

Our guest speaker is not only involved in real estate but because of her charitable nature, she is involved in helping others. Just as Rex mentioned above in the Reflection being a Servant, Josie is a servant on a committee assisting the homeless. She spoke of the places where homeless people live and how their committee helps with them. She is also involved with the Women’s Shelter.

Josey was generous with her time because there were numerous questions posed to her and all were answered. As a group, we learned a lot from her talk. Our Dinner group has been blessed with excellent speakers. It is a meeting place where we have the opportunity to meet and hear these people talk and learn from them.

Our next dinner is on Monday 26th September. Visitors are welcome. For our October dinner, Ladies are invited. On this night our guest speaker will be Bishop Michael McCarthy.