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In Loving Memory

21 June, 2021

We ask you to remember in your prayers those who have died in the last month. May they enter in to the fullness of God’s life and love.

Bundaberg Parish

Stan Taschke, Mario Marinucci, Dieter Kraus

Capricorn Coast

Margaret Robillard, Frances Windress, Margaret Lambrick, Margaret Curley, Shirley Tynan, Br Kev Callaghan,

North Mackay

Josephine Luck, Joan Agius, Rachel Wrench, Mario Perna

Cathedral Parish of St Joseph

Joan Stevenson, Br Kevin Callaghan, Philomene McDonald,
Julie Beak, Owen Wildie, Marie Frawley, Maria McLaughlin,
Cornelio Casi, Gleceria Sotaridona, Gerardo Sotaridone & Colin Cunningham

North Rockhampton

Marie Therese ‘Terri’ Daley, Maria McLaughlin, Terry Hore (Gympie).

Parish of the Valleys

Timothy Donohoe of Moura.

Central Highlands

June Ufer, Anthony Ley, Robin McCosker