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Gifting a Parish or the Diocese in your Will

19 February, 2024

Companion of The Society of St Joseph

When you confirm a gift in your Will to a Parish or Ministry in the Diocese of Rockhampton, you become a Companion of The Society of St Joseph. The Society of St Joseph honours the special commitment of a gift in your will, recognising that this is often given from the proceeds of a lifetime of work. The Society of St Joseph acknowledges those who contribute to the legacy of our Catholic faith into the future.

As a Companion of the Society of St Joseph, you will be invited to join a notable service with the Bishop of Rockhampton, presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and a unique lapel pin depicting our bequest emblem, the Holy Family. The program is an opportunity for the Diocese to say thank you for one of the greatest commitments you can make to support the legacy of our faith.

The Society bears the name of St Joseph here in Central Queensland as we have a special relationship with St Joseph. As well as being the Patron of the Catholic Church, he is the Patron Saint of our Diocese and the protector of our Diocesan church – St Joseph’s Cathedral. For more information visit:…/don…/society-of-st-joseph/