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Farewell to Fr Marcel

19 October, 2021

The North Rockhampton Catholic Community bid farewell to Fr Marcel Kujur at the end of September.  After 10 years serving the Diocese of Rockhampton, in nearly every community, Fr Marcel has been requested to return to his Order in India.  He will be reunited with his family and will then continue to share his deep faith and support fellow parishioners as his Spiritual Journey of bringing the love, compassion, and an understanding of the Holy Spirit into the lives all he meets.

The schools and church communities of North Rockhampton came together over the last few weeks of September to thank Fr Marcel for his commitment to being available for all his “family” of the North Rockhampton Catholic Community.  Over his three years as Parish Priest in North Rockhampton Fr Marcel has built a strong relationship with everyone and promoted the strong multicultural community across the three Parishes.

Lasting friendships have been made, across the schools, churches, and many Ministries of which he was always available to meet and listen.

One of Fr Marcel’s favourite sayings is that “I am a simple Missionary”.  We wish him well on the next chapter of his journey, and we know that he will continue to be an influence on all those whose lives he touches.

Excerpts from Michael Crawford’s Farewell Speech

It is with great sadness that we farewell Fr Marcel today. Fr Marcel came to the Rockhampton Diocese in 2011 with two other priests from India to be missionary priests to our diocese. They were the trailblazers in what has become a long line of missionary priests from India over the last 10 years.

Fr Marcel has served across the diocese in Bundaberg, Barcaldine and the west, the Cathedral parish and for the last 3 years here in North Rockhampton. He came in 2018 as our Parish Priest to the North Rockhampton Catholic community. He formed a new Parish Pastoral Council.  Fr Marcel has several sayings one of which is I’ll burn out rather than rust out. He is a tireless worker for Christ, building strong links with each of the schools on the Northside. He has been the hospital Chaplain and prison Chaplain in addition to his parish duties. Another demonstration of a humble missionary.

Whenever Fr Marcel needs to get something done there is no shortage of helpers. This I think reflects another of his philosophies: I am not here for the power; I am here for the people. He builds trust with people and in turn people have trust in him.

Fr Marcel has been a breath of fresh air to our community. The North Rocky community is a better place as a result of the time he has spent here, in fact the Rockhampton Diocese is a better place for his time here. His humble missionary spirit leaves an indelible mark on our community and will live on in our community for a long time to come.

They say all good things must come to an end, so we farewell Marcel, priest and friend, and wish him God’s peace and blessings into the future. His family can’t wait for his arrival home for Christmas for a well-deserved rest and family reunion. It will be like the return of the prodigal son with much joy and feasting.

We have organised a reproduction of the Resurrection window, which is desk size so Fr Marcel can see it each day and remind him of us and his time here.

From Amanda Meola, APRE St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

Yesterday we farewelled Fr Marcel Kujur, who has been our Parish Priest for 3 Years and has worked in our Diocese for 10 years. It is funny how different people come in and out of our lives, the seasons of our life call for different needs. I firmly believe the Holy Spirit sends people into our lives for a reason. We hope St Anthony’s and Holy Family Church community were the right people that Fr Marcel needed in his life for the last 3 years and are deeply grateful for his spiritual guidance. Fr Marcel, a humble and compassionate man, has a deep faith and joyfully shared it with our community. Before he returns to India, he will take some time to assist in Bargara to continue sharing the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Fr Marcel. We wish you the very best as you continue life’s journey. God Bless!