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Diocesan Conversations: Euthanasia

18 May, 2021

What does the Church teach about Euthanasia? This is the question Fr Don explored in a one-hour seminar on April 27th. Fr Don offered two different timeslots, one at 10 am, St. Joseph’s Parish Centre, North Mackay and the other at 6.15 pm at the Jubilee Hall at St. Patrick’s College so that the talk was accessible to the most amount of people. 

With the Queensland Parliament tabling a bill on Euthanasia over the coming months, Fr Don said it is important for all in the Church to understand our Catholic perspective on this matter.

The Church holds the belief in the holiness of life.  

In his talk Fr. Don outlines this position and the Churches view of Euthanasia in light of the holiness of life. He explains recent church documents on this important and current moral issue. Fr. Don drew on the 2019 Church document, “The Good Samaritan”, which outlines a vision of care for people who are drawing near the end of their earth­ly life.


You can watch Fr Don’s talk on the Diocesan YouTube channel here: