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Celebrating the Christian Brother Heritage of St Brendan’s College

16 September, 2023
The Christian Brothers who came to the celebration

On August 29th, we honoured the 116 Christian Brothers who have selflessly served St Brendan’s College since 1940. We welcomed alumni, including Michael Byrne, who was enrolment number 23 and James (Jimmy) Jones from 1952, along with many old boys, representatives from the Christian Brothers, Catholic Diocese, Sisters of Mercy, Presentation Sisters, past Principals and staff and clergy.

We pay tribute to these remarkable Christian Brothers who’ve left an indelible mark on our institution. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the final guardians of this tradition, Br Kevin Smith and Br Steve Grundy. Their dedication, spanning several decades, has been nothing short of remarkable. Their departure at the end of the year will mark the last of the Christian Brothers onsite.

During the celebration, the Bishop presided over a meaningful Mass, joined by concelebrants from the Diocese. Following this sacred gathering, we shared a special luncheon to celebrate cherished memories and the enduring spirit of St Brendan’s College.

Their legacy inspires us as we carry forward St Brendan’s College’s torch of excellence, wisdom, and spiritual fulfillment. With profound respect and gratitude, we seek blessings for all Christian Brothers who’ve illuminated our path.

In appreciation from St Brendan’s College Community

Bishop Michael with the Christian Brothers and the many Old Boys, family and friends, parishioners and staff that came to the celebration.