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Opening of School Expansion in Gladstone

20 June, 2023
Cutting the cake at the Official Blessing and Opening at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School, Gladstone, recently are Fr Ashwin Achraya, School Leader, Morgan, Bishop Michael McCarthy, Acting Principal Mrs Jakki Graham, Fr Andrew Chase and Catholic Education Diocesan Director Miss Leesa Jeffcoat.

The Blessing and Opening ceremony at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School in Gladstone recently was a great indication of continued support from families choosing a Catholic education for their children, according to Director of Catholic Education – Diocese of Rockhampton (CEDR), Leesa Jeffcoat.

Bishop Michael McCarthy blessed the sitewide capital redevelopments and Miss Jeffcoat conducted the official Opening, witnessed by members of the school, parish and wider community.

“I’m very pleased that Catholic Education has been able to deliver these significant improvements at St John’s. The upgrades are being well utilized and are proving to be great additions to the vibrant and dynamic teaching and learning that happens every day at St John’s,” Miss Jeffcoat said. “This project is very much a response to the strong support from families in this community who continue to seek a quality education in the Catholic tradition.”

The finalized Stage 1 and Stage 2 redevelopment included a new administration block, a senior learning area, an early years precinct and Nazarene Place, a new undercover assembly area.

The $14.5Million CEDR-funded project supports St John’s expansion to a full four stream school which will cater well for future enrolments in the Gladstone region.

Miss Jeffcoat acknowledged the leadership of Principal Jamie Emerick particularly his guidance of the school community throughout three years of construction during the height of the pandemic.

“I also thank the staff, students and parents for their patience and cooperation during the construction phase and associated challenges of the pandemic. The extraordinary community spirit that has always been at the heart of life at St John’s was so evident throughout the entire process and I am sure these wonderful new facilities will only serve to enhance that spirit now, and well into the future,” Miss Jeffcoat said.