What Is It?

This program engages participants in a discussion as to what it means to live in the sacramental world. This will include investigating the broader concept of sacramentality, followed by an exploration of each of the seven sacraments, as well as a presentation on signs and symbols in the liturgy. This module will also focus on the participant in the sacraments, recognising that our relationship with God fundamentally impacts how we experience the sacraments. Participants will develop their ability to listen to the voice of God in and through the sacraments, recognising the grace received in each rite, and moving further toward full, active and conscious participation in the liturgy.

Who Is It For?

This course is designed with all baptised Catholics in mind, particularly:

  • Those who want to grow deeper in their love for God and others
  • Those preparing for the ministries of lector, acolyte and catechist
  • Those who are parish staff or volunteers who do not have any formal theological qualifications
  • Those who want to share their faith with others.


The program runs from 7pm to 9pm on Monday nights starting on 15th of April. There are 9 sessions and a couple of weeks off during the program so that the last session is on Monday the 24th of June. Each session will consist of a presentation, discussion and prayer.

Previously this program has only been available in the Archdiocese of Brisbane however there are two ways that members of our diocese can take part in this module. For those in the parishes of Rockhampton there is a local hub that will meet in person at the Duhig Centre. For those in other parishes there will be an online hub that meets on Zoom. We may still add other local hubs around the diocese.

There is a cost to the program but because we will be streaming the sessions rather than attending live in Brisbane all participants from our diocese are able to use a discount code to receive a $50 discount. With the code the price is $150 to attend all 9 sessions. There is also the option to pay $200 and to receive a certificate at the end of the module provided that you have attended the majority of the sessions and submitted some reflections on the content. For anyone wishing to register for the certificate, the diocese will reimburse the extra $50 cost on successful completion of the program. If you are interested in participating but cost is an issue, or to follow up on reimbursement, contact formation@rok.catholic.net.au.

How to Register

To register go to https://app.tickets.org.au/eb/module_3. Select the ticket you want and click the green register button:




Then fill out the details and make sure to include which hub you will be joining. Either type Rockhampton if you will be attending in-person at the Duhig Centre or type Rocky Diocese Online if you will be joining the online hub through Zoom. Then make sure to enter the discount code SACMOD3GROUPS to receive the $50 discount which should bring the price to $200 for the certificate program or $150 for attendance only.