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Call To Prayer for Justice and Peace in Myanmar

15 March, 2021

On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. Jesus accepts death on a cross rather than engaging in violence. The contrast between the Prince of Peace and the powers and dominions of his day could not be starker. This is the basis of the Palm Sunday tradition of protest in favor of peace and non-violent alternatives for addressing social, ecological and economic and political issues.

The Office for Social Justice invites you on Palm Sunday, and beyond, to pray for justice and peace in Myanmar. We offer this prayer resource for adaption and use in families, schools, groups or communities, or for private prayer and reflection. For example, you could use some of the intercessions at Mass, print extracts in your newsletter or bulletin, or simply say the closing prayer alone or with others.

Dr Sandie Cornish
Social Justice Officer, Office for Social Justice
March 2021