The Review

The Review exists to communicate to the people of our diocese what is happening in the diocese and to cultivate an enthusiasm for church in the Central Queensland region.

In an attempt to carry out this task The Review will continue to:

> Tell the story of the diocese
> Educate in the area of liturgy, theology, social justice and spirituality
> Share stories of faith and conversion
> Support the institutions and church groups which serve our diocese

History of The Review

The Review began its life as “Petra” in 1923 with Rev Fr Thomas Lynch as the first editor, under the patronage of the late Bishop Shiel. It ran until Bishop Shiel died in 1931 and Fr Lynch returned to Ireland.

Bishop Hayes arrived in Rockhampton in 1932. It was not long before another effort was made to produce a Catholic newspaper. Bishop Hayes is attributed as the moving force behind the introduction of “The Review” and its constant inspiration. An interesting sidelight of the time is that names for the new journal were submitted from all over Australia, and from them, the name of “The Review” was selected as the best. After all, that is its very purpose— to give a REVIEW of all the Catholic news of the diocese, and of Catholic Doctrine.

Over time The Review has had a number of format changes and for a short period prior to World War II took on a newspaper format. As technology changed, the look of the magazine changed and quality of paper improved. There have been some special editions— July 1960 edition was totally devoted to the life and times of Bishop Andrew Tynan. Bishop Tynan was on his way to an ad limina visit in Rome when he died in London on 3 June 1960. His body was brought back to Rockhampton for burial. Circulation at this time was approximately 2500 copies. 5200 copies of this special edition were printed and sold. The July 1982 edition was a special 40 page edition with pages 11-32 devoted entirely to the Centenary of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton.

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