Committee for Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations

Recognising the commitment of the Catholic Church to Ecumenism and Interreligious Relations this Committee, at the invitation of the Bishop, accepts with him a particular responsibility for promoting Christian Unity and a better understanding of other religious traditions.

This Committee will actively encourage and promote contact, prayer and the sharing of traditions. 

We do this conscious of:

  • Christ’s injunction for unity, the need to join actively with other Christians in their efforts to realise God’s Kingdom,
  • The priority given to Ecumenism and Interreligious Relations by the Second Vatican Council,
  • The need to meet people of other religious traditions in an atmosphere of openness and freedom,
         -     to listen to them,
         -     to understand them and
         -     to seek possibilities of collaboration.

The Committee will ensure adequate formation is provided for its members so that both individually and collectively there is a clear understanding of the teachings and directives of the Second Vatican Council on Ecumenism and Interreligious Relations.  There will be a determined approach by members to keep abreast of research and readings which will better assist the Committee in its mission.


Queensland Churches Together
National Council of Churches in Australia
Downs and South West Queensland Churches Together


·         Bishop Michael McCarthy

·         Fr Peter Tonti

·         Sr Rita Connor rsm

·         Sr Beryl Amedee rsm

·         Mrs Helen Truscott

·         Mr Alan Guilfoyle

·         Ms Patricia McDevitt (Chair/Secretary)




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