Diocesan Liturgical Commission

The Diocesan Liturgical Commission in its present form began on 4th February 2016.

The work of the Commission has always focused on people and liturgy in its attempts to serve those in the Diocese who are involved in liturgical celebrations.

The Commission aims to empower and energise us into full, active and conscious participation in the liturgy and other communal prayer forms. The Commission endeavours to provide resources, to organize and offer formation workshops for those with responsibility for liturgy, to establish networks between parishes and the Commission, and to keep abreast of current trends in liturgy. The Commissionis directly responsible to the Bishop in its role of service to the people of the diocese.

Mission Statement

(a)  OUR VISION for the Diocesan Liturgical Commissionis for its members to be well educated in liturgical matters and to bring LITURGY to LIFE making it LIFE GIVING for all who celebrate in our diocese
(b)  OUR MISSION is to promote full, conscious and active participation in liturgy (SC p 14)
(c)  OUR VALUES lead us to a deeper commitment of the work of the Liturgical Commission, which in turn enables us to empower and energise others to the full, active and conscious participation in our liturgical celebrations.


  • Bishop Michael McCarthy
  • Di- Anne Rowan (Chair)
  • Pat McDevitt  (Executive Secretary)
  • Sr Carmel rsj (Consultant)
  • Fr Bryan Hanifin VG
  • Fr Andrew Hogan
  • Fr kevin Redmond
  • Mr Wess Rose
  • Donna Mitchell
  • Anne Sheehan
  • Claire Stitt
  • Jocelyne Benoit


Di - Anne Rowan (Chair)
P: 49313 644
E: liturgy@rok.catholic.net.au
A: P.O Box 524
     Rockhampton Q 4700

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