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The Catholic Church in the Diocese of Rockhampton has had a long and continuing involvement with the Rockhampton Correctional Centre and now the Capricornia Correctional Centre.

Not only through chaplaincy and pastoral care services, but since the late 1980s, there has been more attention given to the welfare aspects of both prisoners and their families. This has increased significantly since the appointment of two chaplains in a shared job situation and the reforms which were initiated as a result of the Kennedy Commission.

The Catholic Prison Ministry Services

1. Chaplaincy duties as allocated by the Capricornia Correctional Centre’s Chaplaincy Team—an ecumenical team made up of chaplains from various mainstream denominations as well as non- denominational chaplains and an Aboriginal chaplain. These duties include one day a week at the prison and once a month leading a number of ecumenical services for prisoners in various areas of the facility. On allocated duty days and service days, chaplains are also on call from midnight to midnight.

2. Temporary accommodation for out-of-town families/friends of prisoners which includes providing a venue for men on Leave of Absence to spend time with their families before re-entering the community.

3. Transport of families and friends of prisoners to and from the correctional centre; to and from airport,?bus terminal and railway station; to local accommodation whether it be at facility provided by Catholic Prison Ministry or elsewhere.
The Catholic Church in the Diocese of Rockhampton is making a sizeable contribution in terms of personnel and material resources.

In practical terms we are maintaining an office, one residential unit, a car, two part-time chaplains/ministers, administrative assistance plus a system of volunteers.

We are committed to assisting the process of reform and the well-being of prisoners and their families.



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